Electric treatment for stress

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Here are some excerpts from a few interesting articles. 

Electrical brain stimulation can improve the mood of healthy people as well as those suffering from depression, says study published in Frontiers in Psychology. (Prefrontal Electrical Stimulation in Non-depressed Reduces Levels of Reported Negative Affects from Daily Stressors. Front. Psychol., 04 March 2016.) 

A team at Swansea University is developing an approach using electrical brain stimulation to alleviate stress and depression. Past studies have shown this method can relieve depression, but their most recent study presents the first evidence that it can also give healthy people a little boost when they’re feeling down. “We’ve shown that weak electric stimulation is effective to improve the mood of those who are not depressed, but are still affected by the consequences of a stressful, restless, and demanding lifestyle,” said Dr. Frederic Boy, Head of Translational and Consumer Neuroscience at Swansea.

Already used by the British Army and US military to treat post traumatic stress the gadget works by stimulating the brain with a mild shock. Now it is being used in primary and secondary schools to help teachers cope with what is recognised as a nationwide problem. After running a pilot scheme, the Leigh Academies Trust say the device has had a positive impact on levels of anxiety, depression and sleep disorder – all symptoms of stress among its staff.

Already in use by the British Army and US military for post-traumatic stress, the gadget works by stimulating the brain. The Alpha-Stim, which is the size of a mobile phone, sends micro-currents of electricity to increase a patient’s naturally occurring “alpha waves” that are said to create a more relaxed state of mind.

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, provides hope, as it found nerve-stimulating patches could help people with extreme PTSD recover while they sleep.

Electric-acupuncture on the scalp also helps to stabilise mood. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about this treatment.