…I am very grateful to Dr. Michael Mei and Dr. Ella Ji for their miraculous acupuncture treatments. I also appreciate very much for their enthusiastic care and concern extended to me. i now realize what holistic care means. —— Nancy Lok

I’m suffering from back pain from long time and I was having Physiotherapy and seeing an Osteopath and having zero luck with my back pain. I saw Dr Ella and immediately after two appointments started to notice a difference right away! It’s so much better compare to Physiotherapy and now I’m finally getting somewhere as Ella helping me out a lot with skills and care . The acupuncture is helping me to perform normal in my life and getting more mobile. Highly recommend Dr Ella. —— Lohit Sharma

I have sprained my ankle, Xray shows my navicular bone was injured. The specialist suggested to have a rest or do the surgery. After few times in here, I felt much better. Ella is really kind and patient.She gave me lots of courage. —— Charlene Huang

Ella is amazing and very thorough! Highly recommend. —— Jo Cranston

Dr Mei has provided me with significant relief from pain.  Previously, I have consulted with orthopaedic surgeons and the pain clinic without identifiable success.
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Mei, his knowledge on a broad range of muscular, skeletal matters, skill and professionalism. —— Ross M

I am getting much much better under her care. Ella is very professional and friendly. She always checks on me if i am doing ok, I would highly recommend to see Ella for any acupuntrue treatments. —— Becky Zhang

“Dr. Ella Ji has been helping me with various health issues…… Thanks Ella.”—— Loktung Ho

“I was amazed what you have achieved in three acupuncture treatments. ” —— Ingrid M Hasler-Gapes

“Dr Mei is the best acupuncturist in Auckland. We are lucky to have a such experienced Chinese acupuncturist in here.”—— Robin Han

Ella is a very professional person and the most accurate treatment provider I have come across. I have never experienced Acupuncture prior to seeing Ella, but now I will always keep this as part of my life. She explained the whole therapy to me and it has completely changed my life. Ella is a very caring and trusting person. —— Carol Robinson  

“Best acupuncture clinic in Auckland!I have tried a few acupuncture clinics before…… My friend introduced me green bay acupuncture clinic,after a few treatments,I couldn’t feel any painful any more! Thank you Dr Mei.”—— Fang Liu

“I had acupuncture treatment administered by Ella and am pleased to say that after a few treatments I feel that I had not felt better in a very long time.”—–– Grant Swasbrook

“Dr Ella Ji is a lovely caring practitioner who always makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend her for any acupuncture treatment.”—— Haukaha Paul

” I have been seeing her for various health problems for many years and she is the only medical practitioner who has made a substantial difference for me. Dr. Ji’s gentle approach and philosophy of working alongside the client makes her ideal for those new to acupuncture.”—— Jean E

Ella is a very pleasant, hardworking person, who listens carefully to me and uses her acupuncture skills to help remedy my aches and pains. My mother, who is new to acupuncture, has also been Ells’s patient over the past few months. Initially scared of the idea of acupuncture needles and the process, my mother is now very comfortable going to have a session with Ella . —— Teresa Platt

*The above are reviews from our patients. Acupuncture therapeutic results varies from person to person.