Welcome to M.E. Holistic Care

At M.E. Holistic Care we help people with acupuncture and herb medicine to maximize their overall well-being and quality of life.

With two clinics located at central Auckland and West Auckland, we offer relaxing and professional clinic environment, advanced facilities, best services, with convenient and free parking.

Why choose M.E. Holistic Care?

  • We provide consultations and treatments based on both Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and modern science. There is an increasing amount of articles published on prestigious journals showing evidence that acupuncture is effective on many conditions. We endeavor to provide professional high quality services based on the lastest research regarding health and Chinese Medicine.
  • Quality assessment and outcome focused services
  • Individualized treatment, management and care based on current research
  • Effective communication and informative education
  • Proactive option for improving quality of life for you and your loved ones