various health problems; gentle approach

Dr. Ella Ji is the best acupuncturist in Auckland. I have been seeing her for various health problems for many years and she is the only medical practitioner who has made a substantial difference for me.

Dr. Ji’s gentle approach and philosophy of working alongside the client makes her ideal for those new to acupuncture – I used to be terrified of needles but just a week with Dr. Ji took away my fears.

Dr. Ji has an excellent knowledge of both Western and Chinese medicine due to her training and extensive experience: she has a PhD and is a registered medical doctor in China! This means Dr. Ji is highly competent with more advanced clients and she is able to treat many issues including pregnancy problems, chronic pain, mental health difficulties and musculoskeletal injuries.

She is also fluent in both English and Mandarin making her accessible to a wide range of people, and is ACC registered. Dr. Ji’s treatments are well-priced and she provides discounts for customer loyalty. I have recommended Dr. Ji to others and all have glowing reviews about her.

Jean E.

Mt Albert