Ancient wisdom & Modern science

The principal aim of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is to establish a healthy and balanced state of mind and body function, so as to enhance an individual’s ability to cope with both internal and external demands and stresses, by treating the person as a whole.

Chinese Medicine is a holistic system of health care continually practised and developed throughout Asia for many thousands of years. Acupuncture is a major component of Chinese Medicine, and has been developing and refining whilst accumulating a vast amount of clinical experience, throughout the thousands of years’ practice.

Today, acupuncture remains an integral component of the healthcare system in many Asian countries, and acupuncture departments are existing in most of the hospitals in China. It has also increasingly become an important component of the healthcare provision in many western countries.

In the modern medicine system, medical physicians treat the body of patients, specialists treat different parts of the body, psychotherapists help the mental status, social workers attends to their emotions and social relations, and the pastoral counselors provide spiritual guidance. Body, mind, cognition, emotion and spirituality are seen as discrete entities.

At M.E. Holistic Care, we adopt a holistic concept, by viewing the individual as a whole, and also connecting this person to his/her natural and social environment. Moreover, both our practitioners Michael and Ella successfully obtained their medical licenses in Clinical Medicine at BUCM, after seven years of study and internship at Wangjing Hospital in Beijing, China. Therefore, we combine both ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom and modern Western Medicine knowledge, focus on patient-centered holistic healthcare, to assist you to achieve your best mind and body status.