Update COVID-19

UPDATE (09 June 2020)

Dear Patients and Friends,

What a great milestone we’ve achieved on this challenging road! We had no new cases for the past 17 days and no active cases since yesterday. We are the first country in the world achieved zero case of Covid-19.

Now we are in level 1. We still need to be vigilant about preventing any virus spreading.

If you have any cold symptoms, please we ask you to stay at home or visit your GP.

We will continue carrying out our disinfecting measures strictly.

Well done New Zealand! Well done everyone!

Yours in health,

Michael Mei & Ella Ji

UPDATE(12 May 2020)

Dear Patients and Friends,

As from 14 May our country will be at level 2. We will reopen from 8am this Thursday 14 May, and start providing services to ease the pressure of our healthcare system. 

We are looking forward to serving you again. We know that many of you are looking forward to getting acupuncture sessions after so long, and having your body function better. The following is an update to meet current practice requirements.

For you,

  • Please do not come to the clinic if you or your family member feels any of the covid-19 symptoms as stated by the Ministry of Health such as:
    • Cough
    • Fever greater than 38℃
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sore throat
    • Constant sneezing and runny nose
    • Temporary loss of smell or taste
  • Please wait in your car when arriving, and send us a text (preferred) or a call. We will send you a text when we are ready to see you.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer on the consultation table.
  • Contactless payment is preferred. (online transfer or contactless pay wave)

For us,

  • 70% alcohol to spray and wipe the treatment table, silicon face cushion, door handle, consultation desk and chairs, pens, and payment card reader, after every visitor.
  • no back-to-back appointment, every appointment will be at least 15min apart.
  • Hospital grade hand sanitizer available at the consultation table.
  • Washing hands between every patient. Sanitizing hands frequently during the session.
  • Wearing mask at work all the time.

If you have any questions, or think we’ve missed anything that you want to know, please let us know. We are happy to discuss anything you are concerning about via phone or email.

Yours in health,

Michael Mei & Ella Ji

UPDATE(23 Mar 2020).

Due to the latest government announcement, we will have to temporally close our clinic from 25 Mar 2020.

Stay safe, be kind. We will get through this together!

18 Mar 2020

Precautions we make during COVID-19 situation

Dear Patients and Friends,  

We would like to let you know that we have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation, and continuously adding more precaution measures.  

Apart from our usual strict hygiene routines, we are adding extra measures: 

  1. We’ve been using large amount of 70% alcohol to spray and wipe our treatment table, face cushion, door handle, consultation desk and chairs, after every visitor. We will spray the whole floor with 70% alcohol at the end of the day. 
  2. We wash our hands more frequently throughout the day, and use the hand sanitiser every 10-15 minutes. We will encourage our patients to use the hand sanitiser when arriving and leaving.  
  3. We will not make back-to-back appointments, every appointment will be at least 15 minutes apart, during the 15 minutes we will sanitise and ventilate the room.
  4. We will wear mask at work, it’s for protecting us, also protecting you.

As a small clinic providing one-on-one sessions, we think the above precaution measures will significantly reduce the risk of virus spreading.

What you can do:

Apart from following the Ministry of Health’s guide, self-isolation 14 days after overseas travelling. Please check these two questions when you are coming to see us: 

  1. In the past 2 weeks, have you had close contact with someone who has or possibly have the coronavirus? 
  2. Do you have cold symptoms such as frequent coughing, fever or sore throat? 

If the answer to any of these are yes, please we kindly ask you to refrain from visiting our clinic until 14 days after the close contact, and the cold symptoms are all gone. 

Thank you for your understanding and please let us know if you have any questions. 

Yours in health

Michael Mei & Ella Ji











  1. 在过去的2周内,您是否接触过确诊患者或疑似病毒携带者?
  2. 您是否已经出现了一些新冠病毒的表现,例如频繁咳嗽,发烧或嗓子疼痛?





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